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Moein Jalali was born in 1987. He is now a Ph.D. in architecture. His main concern is the development of pure philosophical concepts in architecture. For the first time in the world he used the word Palemos taken from pieces 25 of Heraclitus lyrics in his research. And he introduced it as a useful approach towards the world. He is currently the Professor of Architectural Design in undergraduate and graduate degree at university. Moein Jalali is the head of the architecture department and Moein Jalali and Partners. These companies have started professionally since 2010 and 2016. He was the chief designer of the construction project of the largest dialysis center in Middle East. The six million dollar project has been supported by Fresenius Company. Architecture office, Parsin dental clinic, Palemos villa, Mahmood Abad Residential Tower, various villas, Hermes House and Soha Billboard are among his important works in recent year. Palemos Villa of Moein jalali is nominated for best concept design in Middle East award in 2014. He won Asia Architecture Award 2016 in interior architecture category. He was nominated in “Commercial Interior Design Award 2018” and also nominated with four project in “Asia Architectural Award 2018” and he won “Asia Architectural Award 2018” in future architecture category. Moein jalali was nominated in “Asia Architectural Award 2019”. He won the national contest at age 21 to earn an excellent choice for Qazvin Martyrs Monument While he was an undergraduate student. He has a combination of philosophy and architecture in all designs in terms of Palemos. Also he uses hypertext and hypo text and he Gives importance to intertextuality process in his design.

Iran, Islamic Republic of
No.72, Rajabi St, N Taleghani Blv, Karaj, Alborz
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