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Founded by Jan Glasmeier in 2016, Simple Architecture is centered on
social and eco-architecture, designing and constructing buildings that
meet the needs of local communities and businesses using sustainable,
low-cost methods.
Glasmeier draws upon his years of experience with Foster + Partners, Arup
Group, and partnerships with community-based organizations on the Thailand-
Myanmar border to create functional, aesthetic designs. Since establishing
himself in South- East Asia in 2012, Glasmeier has collaborated on
designs for an array of projects as a co-founder of Agora Architects in Mae
Sot, Thailand, and independently as Simple Architecture.
Key projects that Glasmeier has co-designed include Kwe Ka Baung
School, Mae Tao Clinic, and Araksa Tea House. Designs by Glasmeier and
his partners have been nominated for and won several awards, including
the 2014 DETAIL Award. The work has been featured in internationally.
Simple Architecture promotes sustainable architecture that meets a social
purpose. The design process is highly collaborative and consultative at
each step, ensuring that the plans that are sensitive to the local context, environment,
and needs of the client.
The buildings showcase the flexibility, durability, and sustainability of local
materials and natural building, often centering around bamboo and
adobe mud bricks. By using affordable natural materials, Simple Architecture
can bring beautiful, functional and sustainable architecture to marginalized
communities at a lower cost than conventional architecture and construction

United Kingdom
Technical University of Darmstadt
Diploma in Architecture
DETAIL Award 2014 Treehouse award 2015 Energy Globe Award 2016
Our Project was featured in the 2AAA Award Magazine 2015
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