Korea Pavilion at the World Expo in Dubai


Moon Hoon was born in 1968, in sangdong gangwon-do, lived his teenage years in tasmania, australia. he was educated in architecture in korea, and us at mit, also had work experience in both countries. he has been running his studio moon-bal-sso since 2001. he is interested in breaking the boundaries of architecture by experimenting-crashing, fusing, mixing, and so forth- with various other disciplines. he is open minded about boundaries of architecture.


The Pavilion will present architecture, exhibition and performance demonstrating its theme, Smart Korea, Moving the World to you. The Pavilion expresses Korea’s commitment to leading humanity to a better future, as well as the transformation and significance that mobility will bring to the future society with its unlimited potential.

Architecture : Mobile Mass-ity The PavilionĀ»s architecture embodies artistic and engineering exquisiteness and perfection. 1,597 spin cubes cover the facade and demonstrate Korea and its dynamic mobility under the banner of Mobile Mass_ity, the architectural concept integrating Mass and City. Bold ramps cross the inside and outside of the Pavilion and combined with the open space, provide a view of the Expo site. The Pavilion was designed by Mooyuki Architects (Hoon MOON, Seong Bong YUN and Dong Gyu KIM) and built by Ssangyong Engineering and Construction.

Exhibition: The Journey of Wonder The Korea Pavilion offers a smart experience that bridges the past, present and future where the virtual realm meets reality. Visitors receive a mobile device at reception and start their journey with a virtual twin generated on the device using face recognition technology.


A Wondrous Journey to Smart Korea

This extraordinary experience of transitioning between reality and virtuality will take you a step closer to a broader world. Take pleasure in Korea’s infinite mobility through a special journey full of engagement and shared experiences.

The Moving Wonder

The spin cubes convey the dynamic character of Korea that has achieved constant technological progress through harmony with various cultures.

Mobility in Transition

The scene changes on the flap vision presents the expansion and connection of individuals, groups, and social networks through the evolution of communications technology.

Crossing Realities

Mobile AR invites you to the smart city built with Korea,s cutting-edge information, communications, and convergence technologies.

The Journey of Wonder

Immerse yourself in Korea’s smart and trendy culture through “Virtual Travel” that transcends time and space.

Creativity in Motion

The kinetic sculpture composed of 40 large screens floating above “Madang (courtyard)” realizes creative convergence by connecting nature, people, and technology.