Introduction & Privileges

Introduction & Privileges


2A Magazine have taken another step towards creating a forum for all architects and urban designers around the world to expand and enrich their vision about Unique Global Opportunity for Professional Interaction and Architectural Networking worldwide, on the other hand, 2ACFAP acts as a forum to bring the international outstanding architects together.

Based on the 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective [2ACFAP] strategies, The necessary Characteristics to Qualify as a Member:

– Being a skilled & distinguished architects in particular their vision for Future Architectural Perspective

– Having a special consideration for society’s social, cultural, spiritual, and other humanistic needs and relation to the future of architecture

– Having a transformative and charismatic personality whom can act as a catalyst to motivate others particularly architects, artists and related professionals to recognize their creativity and hidden talents and help them to actualize their professional ideas and plans.


Interactive Forum:

2ACFAP provides a diverse and extensive forum where professional architects and other related experts can have access to each others’ abilities and can freely interact under the same professional niche.
This gives a platform to professional architects and developers worldwide.

Knowledge & Information:

2ACFAP acts as an International database, useful for all professionals related to the field of architecture and urban design, its goal is to add and promote academic, expert knowledge and facilitate the sharing of organized knowledge and information.

Promote and Highlight the Uniqueness of the Continents:

2ACFAP will create an extensive reference and archive for unique and different architecture in the world which can be used by all professionals [architects and urban designers] to help them to find one another based on their professional needs.
Not only is it a Global Event but also is unique and different in a senate that it keeps the uniqueness preserved at the same time

The Various Types of 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspectives’ Profiles:

There are three types of professionals who are Academic, Practitioner, Theorician that will be determined by applicant’s activity, professional background and experience, the organizing committee of 2ACFAP will consider the applicants and register them and their vision of future architectural perspective. Therefore, it is significant to receive the complete information from the applicant, so 2ACFAP can consider it correctly and efficiently.

The provided statement by the applicants is very important, because many professional correspondents will view their profile worldwide, and it can be a very helpful tool for them to introduce their professional viewpoints and activities.
Hence, it is useful and worthwhile to pay special attention to make the profile complete and carefully.

The center Brings International Architects together Under a Single Umbrella to Facilitate Easy Architectural Networking and Professional Interaction via Presentation of the Architectural projects and Researches, and the “2A Veneration and Innovative Achievement Memorial Icon” will be presented to the Specially Venerated Projects and Genius Architects

The three types of Academic, Practitioner, and Theoretician will be assigned to the profile of 2ACFAP members based on their presented responses in the registration form of 2A members.

Note: consideration of the architectural projects and dedication of the certificate and trophy would be a certain way for the prominent registration of the professional ideas and it emphasizes the unique creativities with the publishing of valuable originality in 2ACFAP.