Introduction of Unique Projects as the Selected Ideas

Introduction of Unique Projects as the Selected Ideas

United Arab Emirates Pavilion

Austria Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Pakistan Pavilion

Luxembourg Pavilion

Maria Grazia Cutuli School

Architect:Mario Cutuli, Gianfranco Bombaci, Matteo Costanzo Project:Maria Grazia Cutuli School The result of a primary school stands as an outpost, a small cobalt blue fortress’,12km from Herat, on a dry landscape where only few constructions come out from a flat and dusty territory, as enclosed islands surrounded by border protection walls. An innovative educational space […]

Friendship Centre

Architect:Kashef Mahboob Chowdhury Project:Friendship Centre The low-lying site is located in rural northern Bangladesh and is under threat of flooding. An extensive program for the meeting centre with very limited fund meant that raising the structures above flood level by eight feet was not an option. The final design relies on a surrounding embankment for […]

Umaid Heritage

Birkha Bawari, Umaid Heritage Jodhpur, India Urban, Rural Projects Landscape & Public Spaces First Place A.MRIDUL Year: 2009 Firm: A.MRIDUL, Architect Firm Location: India Team Members: Rajendra Roop Rai & Hitesh Rathore / Landscape: Kishore Pradhan, Mumbai / Contractors: M/S Sana Constructions, Jodhpur / Excavation: RB Stones, Jodhpur Birkha Bawari (2009) is a massive subterranean […]