Advantages & Members

Advantages & Members

2A Veneration and Innovative Achievement Memorial Icon & Certificate


The Memorial Icon and Certificate will be presented to the professionals individuals and/or organizations of distinguished innovators/architects and developers when their architectural effects have been chosen based on the 2ACFAP’s studies as “Specially Venerated Project” and it will be registered in the 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective.

It will often be presented to a visionary architect is someone who has a “vision” for architecture, and preferably a new vision. It means not only is the creative and artistic, but he has managed to evolve a new aesthetics of architecture.

Note: In instance, sometime the aesthetics is not necessarily in rupture with the past, not necessarily creating out of this world forms, but rather an aesthetic language seen as an evolution of the past and procuring people with a sense of well-being and peacefulness because architect gives them the ability to identify with their culture in this case.
Who will receive the Memorial Icon & Certificate:

Genius Innovators, Designers & Developers


Description Advantages:

Based on the consideration of all 2A Magazine activities, the unique architectural, art and cultural ideas of professionals who had created and caused innovative and transformative effects in different dimensions of human habitat and better living will be considered in this section of 2A Center of Future Architectural Perspective.

Under these circumstances, the specialist will be introduced as a “Genius Innovators, Designers & Developers” and her/his creative effects will be presented internationally.

In this matter, the most important dimensions as the criteria are related to human support through architecture and art such as Humanity, Peace, Multiculturalism, Growth, Human Interaction and Creating a Better World.

Outstanding Feedbacks:

This part of 2ACFAP shall be created to act as a source of valuable reference, case study, information, inspiration, and knowledge for any professional architects looking for it.

It shall be one of the world’s largest, most comprehensive, architecture knowledge based on elevating architectural excellence created ever, by recognition of genuine innovators.
It is a distinguished from the knowledge and information standpoint, global and professional Interaction, cultural and economic effects, creative and architectural development perspective.

Note: Talented Young Architects (who are max 34 old years) will be eligible in this matter at the category of “Talented Young Architects”

Genius Innovators & Designers